4 Ways For IT Students To Get A Job Offer In New Zealand

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As we know, fresh IT graduates are hard to find a job in New Zealand. Even entry level or junior jobs will also require at least 1 year work experience.

For example, here is a BI Analyst (Intern) job advertisement posted by HelloFresh, which is an international publicly traded meal-kit company.

As we can see, even an intern position, the job requirements also need candidates to have at least 1-year previous experience working in a research or data analysis role.

How can we meet this requirement after we graduate?

manager in various poses for use in advertising, presentations, brochures, blogs, documents and forms, etc.

The only way is to do some preparation, e.g., internship or part-time work during university.

Here are some ways I recommend to IT students in New Zealand.

The website (sjs.co.nz) is highly recommended. This website is only open to students in New Zealand.

The recruitment mechanism is different from other job seeking websites.

Firstly, apply the position with the resume and cover letter.

Secondly, contact the sjs staff to review your application. After being approved, you can contact the employer directly by being refereed by sjs.

The advantage is that the number of candidates is limited (less than 5).

After being rejected by the employer, the new applicants are allowed to join.

So the chances of getting an interview through sjs are much larger than other platforms for students.

It is also a famous website for IT students to find an internship in New Zealand.

SoT Internships are full-time, paid and entry-level, including IT & Design positions. It starts usually from mid-November to mid-February every year.

They’re suitable for students at New Zealand tertiary institutions, regardless of what you’re studying, or what stage of your qualification you are at.

  • University/Institute Career Hub

In addition, the university/Institute career hubs also has many internship opportunities, including internship projects funded by Callaghan Innovation.

Callaghan Innovation is a government agency that annually sponsors local kiwi companies to recruit and train interns.

Here is the ways students can find R&D Experience Grant internships funded by Callaghan Innovation. Usually, the internship lasts for 400 hours and its salary is $ 21.15/hour.

  • Summer Research Award

The last way is Summer Research Award, which I wrote in the previous blog.

Projects will be listed early on the university’s website, including some practical projects, such as developing a mobile app or website.

Some companies/organizations will also open Summer Research Scholarships, e.g., Presion Driven Health. The project usually lasts three-months.

Each project will have one or more supervisors to mentor the students.

It is recommended to contact supervisors at first to express your interests and advantages, because they have decision-making power in the process of selection.

If you are interested in some high income skills or have any problems about job hunting in New Zealand, feel free to contact me.

Or you can connect with me through my LinkedIn.


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