8 Interesting Instagram Accounts Teach You How to Be Rich in Your Sideline Occupation(Part 1)

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Many people become rich through Tiktok or Instagram because they share interesting contents, attract huge followers and advertisements fees.

Some people may think this sideline occupation as a social influencer is hard because of the requirements of professional photography skills and creative minds.

However, there are 8 special Instagram accounts which are easy to operate and also with huge followers.

Next part we will research them and find how they operate these accounts.

1 Idafrosk(256k followers)

Her attractiveness: Drawings with food

Other marketing paths: Blogs and books

Suggestions: Find some pictures with famous comic characters.

2 robs10kfriends(22.9k followers)

His attractiveness: Taking photos with strangers

Suggestions:If you also want to build your own connections, you can take a challenge, for example, meet up with 1000 online social media friends.

3 newbeeraday3(15.5k followers)

His attractiveness: Drinking a new beer every day

Suggestions: Pick a habit or something you like.

4 quotecatalog(142k followers)

His/Her attractiveness: Excerpting celebrity quotes

Suggestions: Choose life coaching or romance quotes, which are the most popular.

This blog we research the 4 Instagram accounts and points out their attractiveness.

Also, we provide some suggestions or paths for readers to follow.

Next blog we will continue to research other 4 Instagram accounts.

If you are interested in some high income skills, feel free to contact me .

Or you can connect with me through my LinkedIn.

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